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a division of Allen Manufacturing, Inc.

WeHaveFaceMasks.com and WeHaveFaceShields.com are divisions of Allen Manufacturing, Inc.  In mid March, we converted all of our production to making products to help fight COVID-19.  Along with face masks and face shields, we cut parts for hospital beds and make parts for temporary hospital walls.  In three weeks, we have quadrupled our staff to meet the demand for these products.

Our history:

The Allen family has been in manufacturing for almost 85 years. Harry Allen started supplying parts to the shoe industry during the Great Depression. His company was Allen Manufacturing. He ran his company well and taught his son, Bob, about business and the shoe industry.

After serving in the military, and at the age of 24, Bob went out on his own and started his own factory. Over the last 55 years, Bob has made shoes, safety equipment, gloves, handbags and thousands of other items.

In 1975, Bob opened Fancy Stitchers. Fancy Stitches began in a small factory in Auburn Maine with 15 employees. Fancy quickly out grew its’ Auburn location and moved across the Androscoggin River to its twin city of Lewiston Maine. Fancy’s facility had 105,000 square feet and 550 employees producing 86,000 leather handbags every week. These bags were sold by Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Filene’s to name just a few. Until the mid 90’s Fancy was the largest manufacturer of leather handbags in the USA.

In 1983 Mr. Allen, along with his four children, founded a chain of handbag stores, Mainely Bags. These stores were located in outlet districts across the country. In 1991, after many years of success, the chain was sold. At that time, his youngest son, David, went into the new technology world of the internet, building an internet service provider. In 2004, one of the major internet providers approached him and he sold out and went to work for that major internet provider.

In 2010, Bob asked his son to come back to manufacturing. David came to work with the goal of bringing the company into the 21 century.

In 2011, plans and goals changed when Bob turned 80 and decided to retire. At that time, David bought Fancy Stitchers. As a tribute to his grandfather, Harry Allen, David changed the company name to Allen Manufacturing, Inc.

With David's new ownership, Bob continued to consult until his passing in 2017. After all, Bob had 60 years of manufacturing experience.  Along with having Bob’s expertise, Allen Manufacturing employs the same general manager that Bob had for over 30 years.

Allen Manufacturing makes sword cases for the marines, tote bags for numerous companies, sound deafening parts for Toyota, notebook folios (using recycled rubber and leather), wallets (using salmon, leather, used denim, bison leather), tool pouches for Harley Davidson, fleece flip flop socks (SammySocks.com), oven mitts, toiletry kits, handbags (using used sailcloth, leather and other materials) and hundreds of other items.

Allen Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the most trusted contract assembly, cutting and stitching companies in the country. Since it’s founding, the company’s distinguished reputation has been built on its founding philosophy of quality workmanship and fair pricing standards. With relationships built on delivering top quality products on time and on budget, it is no wonder that many of the largest suppliers in the retail industry use Allen Manufacturing as their contractor of choice.

Allen Mfg excels at small, medium and large production runs. Many of Allen Mfg’s large customers started off with just 100 units and have built to thousands of units.

Usually, Allen Mfg will handle a project from pattern making to sampling to die making, to production, inspection, packaging, packing and shipping. However, for some clients, Allen Mfg will only do selected processes. It is your project and you get to decide.

Allen Manufacturing is located in the Hill Mill in Lewiston, Maine. The weaving looms have long been silenced and removed from this still bustling textile mill. This "Grande Dame" of manufacturing (pictured above) still plays a vital role in the economy of the Lewiston/Auburn area. Lewiston, a textile center for over 150 years, boasts a dedicated and skilled work force, with a strong work ethic.